Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 3 Tartan Problemo

Many different varieties of problems exist in a school. A problem that exists here at Tartan is that many students are tardy. It may just be that they are out in the hall talking to people and just not caring about being late, or it could be that those people who stand there are blocking the halls for the people that are on their way to class. If there is more disipline in the hallways for having order, then it would keep things moving. But different people have different ideas of enforcing the rules in the hall. If they work together to keep the kids in the hall moving, then many kids could get to class sooner, and less referals from having too many tardys.

Day 1 yo

PROBLEM: Your family wants to spend more time together, but no one can agree on the kinds of activities to do.

SOLUTION: If my family really wanted to do some stuff together, we would all have to have input on what they wanted to do. For example, I want to play Sorry, but John and Tim want to play battleship; I would propose a game tournament. The winner of battle ship could then play me in Sorry, and so on. The key is to get everyone involved and hear out what they want.